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Family-owned since 1969

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Starting Feil's Supper Club

When Herb and Harriet Feil posed for a photo on the steps of the old Club 73 supper club, they shook the hands with the former owners, jangled the keys to the front door and launched their dream of running their own business. It was July 1, 1969, and I was just eight years old. Little did I know, their dream would become mine someday. 


Learning and loving the family business
My parents renamed it Feil’s Supper Club and set to work making it their own. As the oldest of their five children, I was the first to help out, making bread, peeling onions and stocking the beer coolers. Soon my siblings followed, each working alongside our parents to help make the restaurant a success.  When I got to college, I turned my love of culinary arts and hospitality into a life-long career in this community I’m proud call home. 


Gemütlichkeit and tradition
As a family, we still carry on my parents’ vision – to create a delicious, down-to-earth Wisconsin supper club experience. Along with Prime Rib, a Friday fish fry, Sunday brunch buffet and great Old Fashioneds, we’re also known for well-loved German dishes and homemade bread – a skill passed down through the generations going back to Wangen, Germany. Gemütlichkeit comes easily here as family and friends linger, laugh and share stories around great food.  

~Terry Feil, Owner

Feil's Supper Club Today

The reins are now passed on to the next generation. Terry is managing and running the business. Working with Assistant Manager and Chef Joann Randall, they're honored to offer a memorable dining experience.

supper club DEFINITION:

It's an unpretentious, out-of-the way gathering place to:

  • Sip Old Fashioneds, Manhattans and Martinis

  • Dine on hearty fare like Friday Fish Fry and Prime Rib

  • Enjoy a cozy, friendly atmosphere where it's easy to make new friends.


Classic supper clubs are typically located a couple miles out of town and become a destination for the entire evening. 

But, why "supper club?"

The best explanation is that they're open during supper hours. As for "club," it's a bit misleading. There's no membership involved!

They started at the end of Prohibition in the 1930s as country taverns which re-opened as places to socialize. After World War II, people had more money to spend, and supper clubs began popping up all over Wisconsin. 


Couples lingered over an Old Fashioned and caught up on each other's lives before sitting down to eat. No one walked away hungry. As they strolled back to the bar, patrons recognized friends, pulled up a bar stool, and ordered a Grasshopper ice cream drink.

What is a supper club
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