JUNE Specials

New menu items and specials only available this month.

Garlic Rosemary Flat Iron Steak

Marbled flat iron steak served with roasted fresh vegetables, topped with garlic rosemary butter.

Garlic Rosemary Flat Iron Steak 16-9.jpe

Turkey Cranberry Panini

Sliced turkey breast, swiss cheese, and cranberry horseradish on grilled panini bread.  Add Feil’s famous onion rings for $2 more.

Pub Turkey Cranberry Panini 16-9.jpeg

Whisky Collins

Whiskey, lemon juice and orange juice, with a splash of grenadine. Garnished with oranges and a cherry.  Very refreshing!

Drink Whisky Collins 16-9.jpeg

Orange Creamsicle

Vanilla vodka and orange juice, blended with hand-dipped ice cream.

Ice Cream Orange Creamsicle 16-9.jpeg

15 foot

Soup & Salad Bar

All dinners include a trip to our famous 15-foot soup & salad bar featuring fresh, homemade choices.

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salad bar 2017 16-9.JPG