october Specials

New menu items and specials only available this month.

Apple Pork Loin with seared apples

Tender, grilled pork loin served with seared apples and sweet potatoes

Apple Pork Loin sweet potatoes 16-9.JPG

Grilled Ham & Cheese 

Shaved ham melted with Swiss and American cheese on crispy grilled sourdough Panini bread.

Pub Grilled Ham Cheese 16-9.JPG

Sour Apple 

Pucker up! Whiskey, lemon, apple juice and sour blended and poured into a tall glass.

drink Sour Apple frame.jpg

Carmel Apple Jack 

Fantastic Fall flavors: Jack Daniels apple whiskey blended with hand-dipped ice cream and swirled with caramel sauce.

ice cream Caramel Apple Jack frame.jpg

Peppy on the Rocks 

50th Anniversary Drink Special:

Peppermint Schnapps poured over ice to top off a great meal with a touch of nostalgia.

drink Peppy on the Rocks 16-9.JPG


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