New menu items and specials only available this month.

Chicken Oscar

Two grilled chicken breasts, topped with Bearnaise sauce and covered with crab meat and fresh asparagus. Served with wild rice.

Chicken n Crab Oscar16-9.jpeg

Patty Melt Burger

The adult grilled cheese!  Crispy grilled onion rye bread filled with fried onions, melty Swiss and American cheese, piled on top a juicy third-pound beef patty. Add Feil’s onion rings for $2 more.

Pub Patty Melt burger 16-9.jpeg

The WooWoo

Everyone’s on board with this refreshing concoction! Vodka and Peach Schnapps splashed with cranberry juice.

drink WooWoo 16-9.jpeg

Mini Colada

Rum, Coconut syrup and pineapple juice blended with hand-dipped ice cream.

ice cream amaretto orchid frame.jpg

15 foot

Soup & Salad Bar

All dinners include a trip to our famous 15-foot soup & salad bar featuring fresh, homemade choices.

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salad bar 2017 16-9.JPG