New menu items and specials only available this month.

French Onion Filet

Savor a six-ounce sirloin filet, covered in rich, homemade French onion soup, homemade croutons and smothered in mozzarella cheese. Then baked until melted and golden brown.

french onion sirloin  16-9.jpg

Chicken Bacon Tender Melt

Crispy chicken tenders topped with bacon, melted cheddar and sandwiched between toasted rye bread. Add our famous onion rings for another $2

Pub Chicken Tender Melt adj.JPG

Irish Martini

Lime vodka and Jameson will put an Irish smile on your face.

drink irish kiss martini 16-9.JPG

White Dove

Almond and chocolate flavors are simply meant for each other. This drink combines white crème de cocoa and the sweet, almond flavor of amaretto with hand-dipped ice cream.

ice cream white dove framed.jpg

50th Anniversary Special:

Brandy Stinger

Brandy and White Creme de Menthe over ice.

drink stinger frame 16-9.jpg


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