OktoberFest bavarian buffet

Once-a-year celebration of the delicious fare just like Oma used to make


September 25 to Nov. 6

4:00 – 9:30 pm

It's dirndl and lederhosen time! Gather your friends to celebrate Oktoberfest with delicious Deutsches Essen. We lay out a table of all-you-can-eat German comfort food like Oma use to make: schnitzel, stuffed cabbage rolls, goulash, potato pancakes, hearty rye rolls and more. Be sure to sample our Oktoberfest German beer on tap.

Includes our full soup & salad bar.

18.50 Adults. Children 10 and under $10

Make reservations early! Weather-permitting, there will be seating in the Biergarten.

Note: you will be asked to don gloves (provided) each time you go to the buffet.